About Us

The internet is filled with a plethora of online education marketplaces. And there we are – ProHunar.com, a product by Techamoda Private Limited. Not really the biggest or the cheapest, but the Gen-next sharks with the most promising turnaround rate.  We have the highest course completion rate in the online course sector.

And the reason is that we persist. We commit to the student when they enroll in a course. We won’t sugarcoat it; we’ll make you whole regardless of what happens. You may not have given much thought to what you are enrolling in, but we think you are enrolling in comprehensive and useful knowledge. And we act in a way that helps that belief become true. We have an absurd level of dedication to our students.

That is how we define ourselves – ProHunar, your online learning ecosystem to help you amplify and upgrade your knowledge and skills. ProHunar aims at not only changing the education, but also the skills of the Indian youth.

Our Mission

To develop a different platform for students who want to continue and finish their coursework by participating in live online courses, with the aid of a team of absurdly dedicated teachers who will do anything to spread knowledge and a round-the-clock support system. By utilizing our elite group of business experts, we hope to equip our students with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the workplace.

Director’s Vision

We aim to create a personalized learning experience for every type of learner. Corporate workers, employees, students, or anyone who wants to upgrade their skill sets can access our learning platform.  One can learn, engage, and be enthusiastic about choosing their own course to explore the world thanks to ProHunar’s way of learning. The best teachers, technology, content, and media are combined in our platform to give every student a seamless, top-notch learning experience.