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Zero to Pro – Cinematic Sound Editing


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Cinematic Point -Part 1
Cinematic Point – Part 2
Cinematic Point – Part 3
Cinematic Point – Part 4
Cinematic Point – Part 5
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About Course

Zero to Pro – Cinematic Sound Editing this course is made for Editors and Creators . Learn How to make you videos , vlogs m reels and film cinematic . This course will help you to understand SFX Sound like a Pro .

With Cinematic Sound Editing, you will learn how to use sound in a way that will make your video come alive.

Sound design is extremely important in vlogs, reels, and films. It’s what sets the mood for the audience, which is why we’re creating a class on cinematic sound editing just for you. In this Quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to use SFX to create a convincing soundscape that enhances your video. Class is filling up fast!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Cinematic Sound Editing
  • Sound For Vlogs, Reels And Ads
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Design for Films


  • Video Editors
  • Content Creator
  • Filmmakers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Vloggers

Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 year ago
This course is Brilliant ! The value that this course provides is much more than Rs. 299. Absolutely a steal. I recommend this to beginners who want to improve their sound editing game.

What would have been Cherry on the cake is some sources for royalty free sources of such sounds and an inventory of situations where such sounds can be applied !
1 year ago
Rajeev sir always provide the best and real-life use knowledge.
1 year ago
it was really helfull for me to learn about sound in any video and how can i also make in use
1 year ago
Good but making things missing not as expected.
I expected many things but here is very less content.
Rajeev sir is Awesome Trainer but here missing many content.
I hope he will upload more content here.
Overall it was good!
Following Rajeev sir for a very long time and learned everything modern and trendy from him. He is mindblowing as well as the most creative one. Beginners should try out this course.
2 years ago
Is course ko lene se pehele vi bohot brands ko follow karta tha or abhi sayd kuch or badh gaya hain per ek or cheez massively badla hain.. You got it right! unhi brands ka video dubara dekhne pe unpe used sound fx jo hain "chote chote but big impactful". Isse mera fayda ye hua ki pehele video me jo vi sound use karta tha wo tha brand ko copy karke but abhi jo use kar raha hu uska proper reason pata hain.
So, thanks to everyone who brought #ProHunar to us!
2 years ago
Just Amazing.
2 years ago
good but many thing are similar to your one video editing course on your website.
2 years ago
Rajeev sir,
Your course is top notch, next level, trendy. Highly recommended. I just wanna say please upload more course on so everyone can benefit from it. Thanks a tons 🙂☺️
muhammad faizan
2 years ago
this course is very cheap price and very informative
2 years ago
This Is really nice course ,learning about sound design
Deepak Meena
2 years ago
After watching this course, there is no doubt in my mind about cinematic sound editing. The value of this course is very high.But you gave us this course at only 299. thank you so much Rajeev sir for this important topic at such a low price.
2 years ago
Awsm course it clears all my doubts about the sound design through this course it will save your too much time
2 years ago
I'm am following Rajeev sir for a very long time and learned so many things from him...words can't define value of this man. The kind of work he is doing for making rural India skilled is very amazing. His teaching style makes him unique because he teaches HOW TO THINK and BUILDING MINDSET and not just giving some random Gyan.

Just completed this course and one thing I liked most about this course is that it teaches me things in just 32 min which are very to the point otherwise it take hours to know same thing on internet
2 years ago
After watching this course, my mind is automatically able to recognize and observe all sound effects in any video. It is really a mind opening course. It is going to change my video editing game. Thank you so much Rajeev sir
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  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile & Computer
  • Certificate of Completion

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